Finding A Trusted Plastic surgeon

If you are preparing to have any plastic or cosmetic surgery done, either for appearance reasons or for reconstructive/functional reasons, it is essential that you find a good physician to perform the surgery. Much of the plastic surgery performed nowadays may seem to be a routine procedure, especially the common procedures like breast enhancement and face-lifts, nevertheless it is important to bear in mind that all surgical operations contain an element of threat. For that reason, a reliable cosmetic surgeon ought to carry out even the most routine cosmetic surgery.


If you have a regular physician, you ought to ask him or her to recommend a plastic surgeon for the procedure you wish to have done. Secondly, you should make sure the surgeon is a member of the Australian Board of Plastic Surgeons. This basic check should be done before you meet the surgeon for your preliminary consultation.

When you meet the cosmetic surgeon for the first time, you should know the questions that are important to ask and have answered. Firstly, inquire about the surgeon’s experience with the particular cosmetic surgery you wish to have performed. Also ask about the risks that are involved and the likelihood of problems. Find out how long it will certainly require to recover from your surgery and the amount of time that you would be required to remain in the medical facility. Also ask for referrals. A good plastic surgeon should have countless numbers of satisfied patients.

The doctor should also ask you a number of questions relating to your medical history and current medications, as well as any allergies from which you may suffer. This is important because it can determine the type of anesthesia they offer you when performing the plastic surgery.

A good plastic surgeon will examine you to determine if you are a good candidate for a surgical procedure, which would include health and physical tests as well as your mental stability. It is important to keep this in mind as you meet with the cosmetic surgeon. Many people are under the impression that they can schedule plastic surgery without having weeks of consultation and evaluation. This is simply not the case. A good cosmetic surgeon will make sure you are all set – physically and mentally – for the trauma of plastic surgery. There are, however, cosmetic procedures that can be done on an outpatient basis such as Botox injections and laser skin treatments. While these are not major surgeries and will not require in-depth consultations, your cosmetic physician should make sure you are healthy enough for these minimally invasive procedures as well. Any reputable plastic surgeon will certainly not perform a surgical procedure if they feel it can position a danger to the client’s health.

Most importantly, discover the doctor that you feel a strong connection with and can fully put your trust into. The right cosmetic surgeon for you is someone whom you feel comfortable with and has the experience and knowledge to offer you the outcome you prefer.