Pheromone Techniques 2015

Pheromones can modify a woman’s behavior. So her behavior for the rest of the night will be a little… “Adventurous”. This is a good thing for you. Line #3: “What’s the craziest place you’ve ever hooked up with a guy?” This one also great for “qualifying” her as a candidate for hooking up. Check out pheromones at  and
Use Pheromones For Sex
The more readily she answers it, the more likely she is to be ready to go that night and smell your pheromones. Like all of these lines, you should not pop them out right away… this one especially, is for later in the conversation, after you’ve already build some rapport with her. When you’re finding out about each other… really getting in tune with her personality… you ask her this, and BAM… you know right away. Learn more about the best pheromones at
And if it wasn’t obvious… the “crazier” the place she’s hooked up, the easier it’s going to be for you to hook up with her natural pheromone production. Line #4: “Are you a red wine or a white wine girl?” The key here is to have a bottle of unopened wine back at your place (preferably both red and white). After she tells which kind of wine she prefers… talk about wine for a little bit. I like to give girls who say “white wine” a little crap, because I’m a red wine guy myself… And then talk up the bottle of top pheromones you have back at your house like it’s the best thing since sliced break…
You can say something like, “well, I probably shouldn’t tell you this… because I was saving it for a special occasion… but I have this awesome bottle of red/white wine back at my place, you should totally help me drink it sometime”…
Pheromone Hook Up Techniques
More times than not, she’ll agree, and say, “yeah, we should totally do that sometime!” Then you move along with the conversation… talk about something else… …and later in the night, say… “ya know what… screw it, let’s just drink that bottle of wine tonight, I’m really craving some red/white wine, and you seem like the perfect person to grab a glass with.” And when she agrees, on to your place! Make sure to use concentrated pheromones on your pulse points to enhance the natural pheromone attraction!
“We’re Having An After-Party” Here’s another “excuse” to get her back to your place… especially if she’s a “party girl” who is always looking for the next fun thing to do. I started using this line when I had a bunch of roommates who always had after-parties every, that usually took place around 2 or 3AM at our apartment. So I naturally started inviting girls I met during the night to these after-parties, and realized that they were much more likely to hook up with me if they came. They knew that they would be able to detect my pheromones through their vomeronasal organ. This is the power of the best pheromones.