Schedule Setup in overcoming stress

Setting a schedule to overcome stress

Once a number or one main situation builds up that we do not deal with, they or it overwhelms us, it is this that creates stress as we become a slave to the stress instead of the master. A schedule needs to be planned out to be able to become the master over the stress, this will in time eliminate the symptoms from stress. However it is useless putting a plan together unless it is put into action.

This planned schedule needs to be realistic, as advised by Karen Kerschmann, LCSW, taking one small step at a time, given enough time and effort, anything is possible to overcome. For instance, if in dept, it is best to write down all, and every out going cost, and your incomings. This can be done on Microsoft excel so that it calculates your inputted figures for you. It is then a simple case of making sure the outgoing are less than the incomings. Some sacrifices would have to be made, the gym subscription, cutting down on nights out, driving instead of getting a taxi etc. Once a planned schedule is in place, this lifts the burden of the stress as you now know the time scale that is needed to pay the dept off and how this can be achieved.

In life you may have one large goal that you wish to achieve; to get there you may have to set several smaller goals to achieve the larger. The long term goal always has a beginning, middle and an end, break it down. By attempted to achieve the larger goal without setting a schedule of smaller goals first, then the possibility is you would fail and become stressed along the way.

The idea of me writing a book was a huge daunting task, as I am not a writer. The thought of writing became stressful and frustrating to me, even though enjoyable at the same time; however I knew I had to write a book as I felt I had to pass my knowledge on. Therefore in order to write this book, I have set an index of many ideas that I wish to add to the book, then taken each idea as a separate chapter, and overtime expanded on each chapter as a separate project creating the lager goal of the full book.

It was less stressful than trying to write a full book all at once, I had set a schedule that limited the stress level, do this and you will also succeed.

Also I mentally wrote each chapter in my mind before I typed a single word, due to imagining each chapter one by one, once I started to write it was made easier for me. All goals can be achieved in this way limiting the stress. You may be thinking “Well why write it if it was stressful?” simply because not to write it would have been more stressful as it would have been such a loss to have not passed my experiences and knowledge on.

The connection between Stress and weight gain

Stress causes the human body to tense up as it releases hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine, which encourage fat formation. In primitive man this surge of “fight or flight” chemicals, were of great service in times of occasional threat as the fat formation was quickly utilized as energy. In primitive man he would later relax and his body went back to normal, but today, continuous stress with no relief is common and therefore the fat builds.

Primitive man never sat behind a desk all day typing, or stood next to a machine pressing buttons. To get from “A” to “B” he had to walk or run, but today we just sit in the car or public transport, and we don’t need to do much. We are not as physically active as we were designed to be and less, and less of our daily lives are physical as machines do most of the work for us. This fat then continues to build and so does the stress that is now related to the fat build up.

Primitive man ate when he needed to, but we eat when we don’t require food, plus foods today are full of fats and sugars, even our drinks. This then continues the build-up of fat even more, which adds to more stress as the quality of life decreases. It is a never ending cycle until a positive determined change is acted upon, how this change is made will be explained in the weight loss script.