The lack of vitamins slows weight loss

You really believe that your body doesn’t lack any substance? The body suffers from lack of certain vitamins and minerals cannot function as it should. The first problems to occur are weight gain, fatigue and irritability. Then you could present more serious health problems.

Each food contains a certain amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These three elements are like little aides warned that the body functions everything as it should. Every natural food is, therefore, a pack of little helpers. To take on as much as possible it is necessary to put food on the plate by the tastes, colours and scents more various as possible.

Essential MINERALS, vitamins and substances for losing weight

Vitamin C (assorbico) it is important for those on a diet, in fact its function and metabolize imported energy in the body through food. A body with sufficient amounts of vitamin C can metabolize energy from carbohydrates and fats and use, without storing them, heaps of fat.

We find her in potato, broccoli, citrus fruits, blackcurrant and strawberry.

Vitamin D is found naturally in few foods despite being very important for healthy bones, teeth and joints. The latest studies show its importance also in the digestion of fats and preventing the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.

Is found in dairy products, yeast, fish oil, eggs and cereals.

Vitamin E is a true guardian of cells. His job is to regulate the operation and renewal. It is a good help for people with diabetes and for those wishing to check your line as it acts on the level of insulin in the blood, vera guilty of appetite and fat shell life will.

We find in maize shoots oil, soybean oil, peanuts, eggs and milk.

Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 regulate metabolism and normal operation of the glands, subside the irritability, make a right measure of energy, strength and good humor. A sufficient amount of vitamin B is essential especially for people seeking solace in food because nervous or tired. These vitamins also help in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For this reason help in weight loss.

We find them in cereal, eggs, yeast, oats, meat and dairy products, vegetables (cabbage, rapeseed, bell pepper, asparagus), fruits (avocado, mango, melon, watermelon), peanuts and nuts.

Vitamin K is very significant for most subjects selected as it helps to eat proteins and build cells and muscles.

Is found in spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, cereals, meat, dairy and eggs.

the Q10 rule coencima the normal functioning of enzymes and mitochondria that affect ATP production responsible for normalizing the flow of energy within cells. This is a COP inside the body whose task it is WAT make sure things for the better. Q10 regulates digestion and muscle regeneration (must be fed and oxygenated).

We find it in peculiar manifacturing such as how fish (mackerel, sardines and salmon), liver, chicken and soy oil. Unfortunately I do not resist high temperature and the cooking so I assume the form of a dietary supplement for practicality.

Calcium helps a eat proteins and regulate the functioning of the muscles. Studies show that increased calcium intake influences the loss of body weight.

We find in milk, dairy products, cereals, soy beverages, tofu, Richard Simmons garcinia cambogia review 2016 sardines and salmon.

Iron is essential for the normal development of cognitive processes, for the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Iron deficiency leads to a weakening of oxygen in the cells. I c onseguono fatigue and malaise. It is therefore essential to ensure a sufficient amount of energy necessary to do physical activity.

We find a good quantity in spinach, radicchio, asparagus, beans, dried fruits such as raisins and prunes and fresh fruit like bananas, currants, blueberries and cherries.

Magnesium synthesizes proteins and helps the miosis so it’s vital to the proper functioning of muscles, for a normal psychological functioning and health of bones and teeth.

We find it in spinach, pumpkin seeds, fish, legumes and lentils, brown rice, avocado, bananas and chocolate.

Potassium helps to get enough energy to exercise. Its deficiency can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Such failure can still be easily settled as present in most foods. Like vitamin C, also the potassium helps to regain the line and get rid of excess fluid.

We find in bananas, peaches, oranges