Things to consider in making sure house puppy is safe

Living room

The living room is the first place that you must start with as your puppy will access it more than any other room. You might also want to train it here as it is easier as in the case of Who’s Walking Who, and you will anyway spend a lot of time in the living room.


Puppies love sitting on couches and they will use it to train to climb high surfaces. So you do not want to keep anything valuable or breakable here, as they might jump on it and break it. You also do not want to have anything white or cream in color as the puppy will jump on it and turn it brown and yellow in no time.

TV unit

The TV unit might be the most expensive in your house and so, you might want to keep it as safe as possible. Be sure to keep the television covered when not in use and if it is at a low level, then you might want to shift it to a high level until your puppy grows up. Make sure the DVD player, play station etc. are well hidden away so that you puppy does not get enthusiastic and start to chew on them.


Carpets are something that will never be safe if you have a puppy in your house. If you have a new and expensive carpet, then it is best that you roll it and store it away. The puppy will want to piss on it and your carpet will be ruined. It is best that you not place the carpet back until the puppy is at least a year old, as he or she will love to chew on it when they start to teeth. The carpet might also be a hindrance when trying to train your puppy and so, it is best that you take it away for some time and keep it safe.

Cords/ wires

Any lose cords and wires in the living area will not be safe. The puppy will start to chew on it and you might have problems. Make sure you tie up all these and hang it up high, so that the puppy will not be able to reach it.


Tables are another thing that puppies love to chew on. If you have tables that have thin wooden legs, then your puppy will eat it. You might have a problem keeping the chair or table stable and it might collapse and cause further damage. It is important that you wrap foam around these and then cover it with duct tape. This will ensure that your puppy will not eat these things and your furniture will remain safe for a longer period of time.

These are the various things that you must do in your living room to make it puppy proof.


The kitchen can be full of dangers for a puppy. There can be a lot of things that can prove to be dangerous and so, you must puppy proof your kitchen effectively. Here are the things that you must bear in mind while puppy proofing your kitchen.

Gas stove

Gas stoves and the cylinder are extremely dangerous with puppies in the house. You must make sure you keep these hidden and more importantly, do not let your puppy near them. This is especially dangerous if the gas is on and there is something on it and the puppy is inside the kitchen. If any hot substances slip and fall then it can cause the puppy great harm. Even if it falls away, the puppy will get curious and might walk over it and harm its paws and licking it might cause it to have lip and tongue burns.


Puppies will get curious with everything and that includes your utensils. If you have too many spare utensils lying around, then they will surely get curious and look into them and might also lick them. If you use these then they might contain germs as puppies would have licked a lot of other things. So it is important that you keep all your utensils and other such food containers on high platforms or hidden inside drawers. You must hang your pots and pans as it will be beyond your puppy’s reach even if it is a tall puppy.

Cords and wires

Cords and wires in the kitchen can be quite dangerous. It might also be not practical to tie these up as you might need to use the full capacity of the cords. To solve this problem, you can have chew proof PVC tubes placed on the outside, which will prevent cords and wires from being eaten. If you are up for it, then you can have the wires completely replaced as this will help keep your wires safer for longer and also allow you to make these safe for yourself and your kids as well.