Tips To Start A Career In The Real Estate Industry In Massachusetts That Will Increase The Number Of Real Estate Jobs Boston


Food and shelter are the basic needs of human beings, however as the civilisation grew, the homes transformed from mud and stone homes to plush multi-storeyed apartments and mansions in today’s era. Most of us want to own a beautiful and comfortable home in a great location and some of us even want to build a career in real estate so that we can sell that dream to others.

However it is not very simple to start a career in the real estate industry in the US especially in the Boston area in Massachusetts as the competition is very high. My suggestion would be first to do some real estate jobs Boston and gain some experience. If you want to continue in this field, then you can start your own brokerage firm later.

Choose a good school to know about the licensing rules

The first and foremost step to be successful in the real estate career is to understand the market and understand the best strategies to sell real estate. You need to know a lot of legalities as there are rental lease agreements, sale agreements, agreements with the clients who will appoint you as their agent etc. you will have to deal with.

There are many full time schools which will offer you a comprehensive diploma in Real Estate Management. If you already have some information and you have attended some online courses, then you can choose a good school to attend the pre-licensing classes. Most of these classes cost between $20-$30 which is a nominal fee if you consider the returns on investment.

Obtain a real estate license

Once you are familiar with the course material of the pre-licensing exams, and you understand the terminologies which are required to be a successful real estate agent, apply for the exam. The first step is to get your Massachusetts pre-license salesperson license is to complete 40 hours of approved classroom instruction. The exams are conducted 5 days and week and you can re-appear in the exam in case you fail to obtain the requisite 70% cut off.

The state of MA gives you 2 years from the date of completion of your classes to take your exam.

Apply in real estate companies in your area

Now make a list of all the good real estate companies in your area and submit your resume. Always keep yourself abreast of the real estate rates of the area, any changes in the law so on and so forth. For e.g. if you have chosen Brookline as your chosen destination, the details of all Brookline condos for sale, Brookline apartments for sale, Brookline Mansions for sale should be on your fingertips. Tazar is a great real estate agency where you can try your luck.

Finding real estate jobs Boston might not be a cakewalk as there will be other candidates like you who would have completed their education and got their licenses and are looking for jobs. If you have friends who are working in the real estate sector, then start going out with them on sales calls and try to gain some experience till you are hired by any brokerage firm.

Open your own agency

Since real estate is an expensive commodity, the commissions are very high. If you manage to sell even one apartment or mansion in a month, you can earn well along with your first salary. Get into the habit of saving from your first pay check and put aside some money which will come handy when you plan to open your own office.

Build a strong network

Sales flourish only through contacts and it is very important to build a strong network if you want to achieve success by creating a network of buyers for Brookline condos for sale. You can help them with taking up a mortgage and you should have good contacts with the banks and financial institutes.

After a few years the clients who bought Brookline apartments often go for refinancing or might be upgrading their property by building another floor or extra rooms. If you have kept a cordial relationship with them, they will take your advice for that too. Sometimes giving free advice is good as many of these clients will be selling their existing Brookline apartments and going for something bigger.

You can help them in closing both the deals if you had served them well in the first place. Since the New Year is round the corner, this is the right time to make the right resolution, and if you are serious about making a career in real-estate in Boston, then start doing a research on good realty schools in that area during this holiday season and take admission in the New Year.